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Bonded has been performing these services for over half a century with an outstanding reputation in the industry.

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Collection Services & Solutions

Early-Out Receivables Management

Our Early-out Receivables management unit handles outsourcing programs which provide a viable, low-cost alternative to internal collection departments. This program is ideal for companies that want to place a focus on cash collections early in the aging process, but don’t have the staff to follow through with an extensive customer list.

The intent of this program is to take the place of, rather than duplicate your collection department efforts. The outsourcing program is ideally suited for accounts 45 to 90 days old that has received the original billing and past due notices but little or no phone contacts. We will contact the customers as representatives of your office for payments. This provides you with maximum efforts without sacrificing the relationships with your customers.

Bonded Collection Corporation’s economies of scale allow us to be a cost effective choice compared to in-house collection methods. Our Early-out Receivables management program is individually designed to match your requirements regarding payment receipt and cash applications to the individual accounts.

Third Party/Bad Debt Collections

In our contingency fee programs, there is no cost to our clients unless we collect. The program is designed to impress upon your customers that an account is past due and immediately owed. Bonded Collection Corporation’s success is a function of the amount of focus we give to these accounts which instills a level of urgency to your customers regarding the importance of immediate payment.

Our collection strategy is simple – we believe in a unit concept in handling the business placed by our clients. What does this mean to you? Bonded Collection Corporation will place your accounts in the hands of our experienced collectors focusing on the markets you serve. This allows us to assign the accounts to collection staff members with experience handling similar accounts. In some cases dedicated collection personnel is assembled when the volume of business warrants that approach.

Bonded Collection Corporation uses all the available technology to achieve the maximum cash return to our clients at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality. This includes the use of predictive dialers to contact debtors as well as various skip-tracing tools to locate customers that have been previously deemed unreachable.

Training programs for collectors are ongoing, even for our most experienced collectors. Continuing education allows Bonded to offer outstanding services while adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

International Markets

Commerce is not limited to transactions in the United States or North America. Many businesses conduct transactions across the globe. Over the past 35 years Bonded Collection Corporation has gained experience in the collection of international accounts. At Bonded, we manage our International accounts as a dedicated unit. This unit is staffed with experienced collectors, many with multi-lingual capabilities. When necessary, our collection correspondence is translated into various languages.

We have the experience with contacting customers overseas and the capabilities to walk a customer through a remittance process that may involve the exchange of currencies. Bonded can accept certain foreign currencies directly through our domestic bank which increases the speed to which a recovery will be handed back to you.

You may have a few accounts that have fallen delinquent or many. Either way we would be happy to tailor an International Program to meet your needs. Our goal is to be considered an extension of your operation. Our economies of scale and use of technology allows us to offer an affordable alternative to your internal international collection efforts.

Legal Evaluation & Forwarding

It is not uncommon to have a customer not pay for your goods or services from time to time. Nobody likes to involve attorneys in the enforcement of a collection item, but in many cases they are a necessary part of the process in order to protect your rights and assets.

Unfortunately most attorneys will only work as you pay them by the hour – regardless of the outcome. Over the past 50 years Bonded Collection Corporation has developed a proprietary network of attorneys, specializing in commercial law (including specialties in transportation) that will handle matters through us on a contingency basis.

This model offers the best of both worlds. As a collection agency we have an opportunity to make a recovery without the use of an attorney. On the other hand, if it looks as though using an attorney is our best option, we can arrange for that service as well. You will pay for the service on a contingency success-fee basis only (i.e. only if we collect.)

Bonded has over 50 years of experience in evaluating accounts prior to recommending any legal action. Our experienced legal team will review all of the account information and work with you to figure out the best solution.

Bonded’s legal team will provide an in-depth evaluation of your account and provide recommendation on the next steps to start the legal process. Doing the due diligence is where we excel and clients are pleased with our results.

Customized Client Solutions

At Bonded, we want to be a partner with you, our client, to provide you with information about your portfolio and how we can maximize your returns and deliver revenue to the bottom line.

We can provide customized reports to assist with identifying key indicators within your portfolio to increase recoveries.

Each client will receive a dedicated account manager to oversee your portfolio and work with you on a regular basis.

We value our relationships and providing information back to our clients is the key to making the right decisions on your portfolio.

Collection Process Visibility

Bonded Collection uses a proprietary software package to organize the accounts, record the collection activities and track the collection progress.

Our clients also enjoy the ability to access the activities performed on their accounts by accessing our software via the internet. Clients can view activity on the status of their account as well as what activities have been performed, including the collector notes.

This does not replace regular updates that Bonded Collection will provide on the accounts, but rather supplement that information as needed.


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